Tips to keep your dogs cozy and warm in winter

6 TIPS to keep your dog warm and cosy during these cold winter days

It’s the most wonderful time of the year?! Lovely hikes in the snow with your four legged friend, don’t we all love that? But as temperatures are below 0°, we thought it would be a good idea to send some tips to make sure your dog stays warm, healthy and happy in the chilly days ahead! 

1. Inside snuggles!

Never leave your dogs outdoors unless they have a warm shelter outside of wind/water and provided of warm pillows and blankets. If they get too cold or wet, they can get sick, just like you! 

2. Fresh water 

Staying warm in these cold days will take a lot of your dog’s energy. Make sure there is always fresh water available.

3. Keep the Paws warm!

We don't go outside barefooted in the snow? So why our dogs? The cold snow, ice water and salt could damage your dog's paws. So if you are planning to do a long walk in the snow, make sure you bring a pair of boots for your doggie.

4. Dress up!

Some dogs (mainly shorthaired) may be more cozy in a warm sweater when going outdoors. Try to find a coat or sweater with a coverage all the way to the belly so your doggie will stay nice and warm. Who said sweaters are only for hoomans?

5. Never leave your dog alone in the car!

Same as in the hot summer days, never leave your dog alone in the car! The car can get very chilled in the winter times. If you have to leave your four legged friend in the car for a quick stop somewhere, make sure you leave the car running! As this is not good for the environment, I would still recommend never to leave your dog alone in the car folks!

6. No shave Movember/December/January?

Never shave your dog down to the skin in the winter — his coat will provide him a natural warm coat. In case you want to give your dog a little bath, make sure he is completely dry before heading outdoors!   

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