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How it all began

What we offer

Collart offers quality handmade dog collars, browbands and stylish belts. Every piece is made by tribes living in and around the Masai Mara in Kenia. Beaded jewelry has got a long history in East-Africa and is passed by one generation to another for many years. It is a part of their culture and is seen as the duty of Masai mamas to learn this unique beadwork, in order to earn a living and take care of their family. 

The colors they use are symbolic and have important meanings understood by the tribe (social status, marriage, etc.) Before contact with Europeans, the beads were produced mostly from local raw materials such as; clay, shells, seeds and bone. Today, talented craftswomen make these beautiful pieces with ceramic beads, leather from free grazing cattle and recycled brass hardware. It takes up to two days to finish one beaded dog collar! Besides accessories for animals, Collart will soon also offer handmade belts for humans in colorful African designs.

From the beginning

Collart’s idea started simple, as a big animal lover myself I found it very hard to find a quality, sustainable dog collar with an appealing look. This together with my big passion for travelling and the desire to embrace new cultures leaded into the idea of Collart.My experience in Kenia was amazing and of course I took some beautiful beaded jewellery with me, together with a unique collar for my lovely dog Tess. The quality of this collar is beyond I have ever experienced and on top of that, super beautiful! 


We want to target animal lovers who choose quality, ecological handmade products with a story over industrial manufactured goods. It is up to Collart to share these amazing products with you and your beloved pets!  It is Collart’s mission to support the talented craftswoman who made these lovely pieces and their families by sharing their fair-trade beadwork with people from all over the world.Besides fair-trade, Collart highly values animal welfare too. We want to contribute our part in helping animals in need through donations to animal rescue organizations several times a year. Keep an eye on the Facebook newsfeed of Collart to see when, how and what we contribute!