Welcome to Collart, where we blend craftsmanship and culture to bring you a unique collection of handmade dog collars, browbands, and stylish belts. Our story is not just about pet accessories; it's a celebration of tradition, artistry, and community.

Our Craftsmanship

Every piece at Collart is a labor of love, meticulously handcrafted by tribes living in and around the breathtaking landscapes of the Masai Mara in Kenya. These artisans have been honing their skills for generations, and their work is a testament to the rich history of beaded jewelry in East Africa.

A Rich Heritage

The intricate beadwork we use in our creations has a deep-rooted history in East Africa. Passed down from one generation to another, this tradition is a vital part of the culture. It's considered the duty of Masai mamas to learn this unique beadwork, not only to preserve their heritage but also to earn a livelihood and provide for their families.

At Collart, we're not just offering products; we're sharing the stories and traditions of these incredible artisans. By choosing Collart, you're not only investing in high-quality pet accessories but also in the empowerment and sustainability of these communities.

The intricate beadwork we use in our creations has a deep-rooted history in East Africa. Passed down from one generation to another, this tradition is a vital part of the culture. The colors they use are not just decorative; they are symbolic and carry important meanings understood by the tribe, representing aspects like social status, marriage, and more.

Before contact with Europeans, these beads were crafted from local raw materials such as clay, shells, seeds, and bone. Today, talented craftswomen make these beautiful pieces with ceramic beads, leather from free-grazing cattle, and recycled brass hardware. It's a testament to the adaptability of the craft and its enduring significance.

Join us on this journey of style, culture, and compassion. Discover the world of Collart, where every accessory has a story to tell.

How I Started My Business

Collart's journey began with a simple yet heartfelt idea. As a dedicated animal lover, I often found it a challenge to discover a dog collar that not only met my standards for quality and sustainability but also had an appealing look. This quest was further fueled by my profound passion for travel and an unwavering desire to embrace new cultures.

My experience in Kenya was truly transformative and inspiring. During my travels, I encountered the breathtaking beauty of beaded jewelry created by the local tribes. It was a testament to their rich cultural heritage and a tradition passed down through generations. I couldn't resist the allure of these exquisite pieces, and I brought back with me not only beautiful beaded jewelry but also a unique collar for my beloved dog, Tess.

The moment I placed this collar around Tess's neck, I was struck by the exceptional quality that surpassed any other I had ever encountered. It wasn't just functional; it was a work of art. Not only did it enhance Tess's appearance, but it also became a symbol of the experiences and connections I had formed during my travels.

This unique collar was the spark that ignited the idea for Collart. It was born out of a deep appreciation for the artistry, culture, and craftsmanship of the Masai people, and a commitment to bring this beauty to fellow pet lovers like you.

At Collart, our journey is deeply rooted in a love for animals, a passion for exploration, and a mission to bridge cultures through the art of beaded jewelry. We invite you to be a part of this adventure and experience the beauty and quality that is Collart.


At Collart, our mission is as clear as it is heartfelt. We are here to connect with and serve animal lovers who share our values. We know that you prioritize quality, ecological sustainability, and the unique stories behind the products you choose for your beloved pets. Collart is your bridge to discovering these exceptional creations.

Supporting Talented Craftswomen

Central to our mission is the desire to support the talented craftswomen who pour their hearts into creating these beautiful pieces. We are committed to promoting their fair-trade beadwork, bringing their artistry to people from all corners of the globe. With each Collart product you choose, you're not just getting a piece of art; you're becoming part of a story that empowers these artisans and their families.

Animal Welfare Matters

Beyond our dedication to quality and cultural appreciation, Collart places a high value on animal welfare. We believe in giving back to the creatures who bring us so much joy. That's why we pledge to contribute to animal rescue organizations several times a year. Keep an eye on Collart's Facebook newsfeed to stay updated on how, when, and what we're doing to make a positive impact on the lives of animals in need.

Join us in this mission to cherish your pets with high-quality, meaningful accessories while supporting artisans and contributing to the welfare of animals. Collart is more than a brand; it's a commitment to values that truly matter.