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All COLLART products are hand made by a fairtrade project in Kenya. We only provide conscious, transparent traded goods that benefit the Maasai in the developing world of today.

Material: leather, ceramic beads, recycled brass

Animal welfare is another, very important, aspect we want to get involved with. Each month, COLLART supports an animal rescue project in Hungary.

Colors: gold, brown, white, green, grey

Extra small 21cm - 26cm (Chihuahua, Teckel Kaninchen, Italian Greyhound)

Small 25cm - 30cm (Jack Russel, Cocker Spaniel)

Medium 33cm - 38cm (Vizsla, Border Collie, French Bulldog)

Large 40cm - 46cm (Rhodesian Ridgeback, German Shepherd)

Extra Large 47cm-53cm (Golden Retriever, Bordeaux dog)



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